Recipes to try

There are so many recipes from other sites out there that I want to try so why not put them in one place, like here?

Some of these need major substitutions to be AIP but I’m up for the challenge:)

So let’s make a list (I like lists a lot)

1. Magic sauce by Phoenix Helix.

2. Marinated mushrooms by Gordon Ramsey on YouTube

3. German rutabaga salad on YouTube

4. Chicken piccata.

5. Empanadas de yucca.

6. Cauliflower cheese.

7. BBQ chicken legs with kiwi slaw.

8. Cassava mini rolls.

9. Bammy.

10. Pastelon de yuca.

11. Korean vegetable pancake.

12. German liverwurst.

13. Sweet potato bread (substitute cassava flour).

14. Fluffy AIP biscuits.

Fluffy AIP Biscuits

15. Cassava root tortillas.

16. Breakfast sausage.

17. Basil chicken.

18. Lemon garlic hummus.

19. Chicken liver pate.

20. Chicken and lemon polpettine.

21. Flaky cassava bread.

22. Homemade deli chicken.

23. Crusty bread.

24. Pizza.

25. Charcuterie.

26. Cauliflower chicken soup.

27. Veggie thins crackers.

28. Salad dressing roundup.


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